Saturday, July 23, 2011

And Thor...

He was in puppy training class with Spice. They LOVED playing together. Here they are:
We have decided to get together with Spice's parents at the dog park close to our home so they can play together more since they are both too old for Petco puppy playtime.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bird Crap Sensor

Got a laugh out of this one :D


Friday, July 8, 2011

June Happenings

Not much really happens here but somehow June was still a busy month. The biggest thing that happened to me was MOHS surgery on my nose. Back this winter I got a spot on my nose that I knew was Basil Cell Carcinoma. It was on the right tip. It took me awhile to get into the dermatologist but the very day I did he took a biopsy of it and another spot on my nose that we weren't sure what it was. They both came back BCC and surgery was scheduled. I was hoping that he would do both spots at the same time but he only wanted to do one and the one down further on the flare part was the lucky winner :) Mostly because there is less to work with there before it goes right through the inner wall. Luckily he only had to do it once and it was gone!! Now I have a healing indention in my nose. I had the option of a skin graft from behind my ear (and I might get that done with the tip since it is more noticeable) but I decided to forgo it there and let it heal by means of secondary intention. It is looking good as long as you don't mind a bit of Vaseline smeared over it :)
The other happening in June was that I was asked to give a class in Relief Society about food storage. It went OK...I wish that maybe I was a better speaker. I am a group leader for Emergency Essentials and they had sent me a sample can of strawberry flavored apple chips that I was happy to share with the class. I feel I am still learning about food storage but am way more knowledgeable than I was 20 years ago when we only had wheat and salt.

I am subbing in Primary this week...should be fun!! I get the 10-11 year olds. Only 4 usually show up. We have a small ward.

Wayne and I are taking a trip back to Arkansas to visit Ma Burke in a couple of weeks. We found tickets into Branson for only $100 each way and then we can rent a car for $200 per week and it will end up costing $400 less than flying into Bentonville on AA!! Excited about that. Love those Lockheed discounts :)

Michael is thinking about making me some can rotation shelves. We just need a truck to be able to haul plywood. It would be nice to have them and free up some pantry space.

And the last thing is that some of my family are starting on a Wellness Challenge next week. It will last for 6 weeks and I am heading it up. I'm excited to get back on it again. I really do better with the motivation of not letting my team members down. Fourteen of us want to participate so I think we will be having 2 teams. Can't wait!!