Saturday, December 25, 2010


I hope all of my blogger friends have a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center

The last thing I want to blog about our Thanksgiving holiday is our visit to the Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center. This cost a little to get in to see but was well worth the entrance fee. As we were walking around the garden they were putting up Christmas lights and decorations. I hear that it is spectacular to see and I really wanted to go see it all lit up but so far that hasn't happened and it probably won't since Wayne had surgery yesterday and we are keeping pretty close to home except to go see the doctor. I have 59 photos that I reduced in size and I left out a LOT of other photos so bear with me as this will be quite long to look at BUT I just think it was pretty amazing.

These first few are of three cars they had on display.

This next one was on a wall downstairs too...I thought it was quite interesting how they got car parts to look like a car. It was pretty good size too.
Next we went upstairs and there was an exhibit of local high schoolers art work. Here are some of my favorites (the turtle reminded me of Diane):

Next we went out to the gardens. It was a path that was about half a mile long and there were sculptures everywhere. We got a handout when we paid our entrance fee and in it were paintings for us to find. Here are the ones we found:

This next photo is what was by the front door to the Art Center. Interestingly enough I didn't take a photo of it until the very end. You can see the Christmas decorations they have up to the right of the building.
These next ones are just various sculptures we saw along our walk. Some of them I took photos of their names and some of them I didn't...silly me.

The one below is called "The Council Ring" by B. Amore and Woody Dorsey. Natalie is actually hiding (but standing up straight) behind the left pillar to give you and idea of how large they are.
 The one below is called " Greenburg Variations" by Jules Olitski.
The one below is called "A Surveyor's Map" by Jann Rosen-Queralt and Roma Campanile. If you look closely you can see Natalie top left and Michael right about the middle of the photo.

 The one below is called "Castle of the Eye" by Minoru Niizuma.

The one above is called "Open Suspense" by Menache Kadishman.
The one below is called "The Wind: Stainless Steel Monument" by Attilio Pierelli.

 The one below is called "Africa" by Isaac Witkin.

The one above is called "Daimaru X" by Michael Todd.
This next one is called "Hand" by Sorel Etrog.
This next one is called "Curved Form: Bryher II" by Dame Barbara Hepworth.

These next photos are just interesting things I saw along the way.
The one above is of a bench. All the benches looked like this and there were a lot of them.
Below is a butterfly on a tree to the left and a dragonfly on a tree to the right.

The one above and below are of the same little house. I just thought it was cute.

This one above is what the two below look like at regular distance. The ones below are zoomed in.

This last set of photos is from an area called "The Women's Walk". The men didn't want to go down the path but there were some nice sculptures.
The one above is called "Girl with Braids" by Gerhard Marcks.
The one below is called "Torso" by Frederick Charles Shrady.
 The one below is called "Standing Nude" by Nelli Bar.
The one below is called "Resting" by Paul Suttman.
The one below is called "Squatting Woman with Shawl" by Francisco Zuniga. Donna and I both thought it looked like she was giving birth which we thought was rather strange.
This next one is called "Seated Woman" by Francisco Zuniga.
Some how only 58 made it onto here...not sure which one I missed but it must not have been important...LOL. Hope you enjoyed it.