Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Grandpa

I am truly a middle generation and have been for the past 6 years. Since I don't know how much longer my grandpa will live I think it is time to make a tribute to him. My grandpa was born Dec. 4, 1905. That makes him fast approaching his 103rd birthday. He has seen a lot in his lifetime including the Wright Brother's fly their aiplane. That is an interesting story. He says that his dad took him and his younger brother(s) to a horse racing track in Kansas. He was not very old but old enough that it really made an impression on him. He said that they waited all day in the hot Kansas sun for that plane to fly. The plane was inside the track and all the spectators were outside the track. He says it was for safety purposes. Finally at the end of the day there was announcement that they couldn't get the plane to start and to come back the next day. So everyone went home but my great grandpa took them back the following day and he says that the plane took off, circled around the track, and landed back inside.

My grandpa actually missed the wars...he was the wrong age. He married my grandma and had 3 children; my dad is the youngest. When my dad was 4 years old he got polio. During this time period they were trying out new treatments for it and my dad was in the hospital with his legs wrapped in warm bandages. After he was well enough to go home my grandma would care for him. She had been sick with pneumonia the previous winter and had never fully recovered (remember, these were the days before penicillin). Caring for him wore her down even further and she contracted the polio too and passed away the fall before my dad turned 5 (his birthday is in Dec and she passed away in Oct). Fortunately my dad has no residual effects from the polio. My grandpa has now outlived 3 wives (he doesn't count one of his bad marriages). He lived in his own house and then his own apartment until last month when he finally moved into assisted living. I think that he is amazing. Here are some pictures:

Here is my grandpa, my dad (on the left), my aunt Bette, and my uncle Ben.

This is a four generation picture taken about 1984. Grandpa holding Diane (on left) and Julie (on right), me and my dad standing in the background.

This is a 5 generation picture taken in August 2007. My dad and I are standing in the back ground. My grandpa is in his chair and Julie is holding Caleb and Jennica.

This one was taken just a month ago. Diane took her kids to see her great grandpa right before he moved. Grandpa is seated in his chair and he is holding Aaron. Ashley is standing on the left. Elisabeth is standing next to Aaron and her great great grandpa. Diane is sitting in the front holding Callie.

We have many 5 generation pictures with Diane's family but I'm not sure that we have a single one with all 4 of her kids so I thought that this would be fun to put up.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I should post something but I'm not quite sure what. It has been a busy week. I am still very happy with my eye but I have been wearing my glasses quite a bit to see close up. They are progressives and since my far vision has always been good they work quite well. I go back to the opthomologist in about a week and we'll see if I will need new lenses or not. 

On Tuesday we had a Visiting Teaching Conference. It was good. There was a skit with a bunch of farm yard animals and they kept coming up with excuses not to go visiting having problems with either their companion or the sisters they visit. Finally the farmer (our bishop) came in and scolded them and they all changed their attitudes. It was cute. We also had a special musical number which was fantastic. I think it was an original by Licy Rodriguez. I went visiting teaching myself on Tuesday and Wednesday so that is out of the way. I like visiting my sisters...especially since there are only 2 of them. It makes it pretty easy.

Sarah got some more fabric and yesterday we worked a little on nursing covers. We are going to start making a one-layer one with just the pocket on the front and maybe a corner with a piece of flannel for a wipe. Then we should be able to charge less for it...woo hoo!! We are hoping to get some pictures taken and up on a blog soon. I'll post when we have that done. I have also made a few more purses but right now am awaiting orders. 

Today is Aaron's first birthday...happy birthday Aaron!! Now my grandchildren are 6, 4, 3, 3, 1, and 1. But soon the 4 year old will turn 5. I will put up an updated picture of him on the side as soon as his 1 year pictures are available. He also has surgery tomorrow...I will be praying for all to go well.

I think that is about it for now.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


That is what I will call my new lens. I had no idea that the colors would be so bright and clear. When I had my patch removed this morning I had a pressure test (which I passed) and a vision test (20/20) with my right eye. I was so surprised. Also...for the first time in years I can sit at my computer and read it with no glasses on. I've got back my mid range vision!! My close up is better than it was but I will still need reading glasses. It will still take time for my eye to heal. I have 3 different kinds of drops that I have to put in 4 times a day. I am still working at getting the adhesive from the tape off my face. But looking back I just don't know what I was afraid of. All in all it was a good experience. Woo hoo!!

Friday, October 17, 2008


I look like this. The patch isn't all that tight on my eye and it keeps trying to open when the other eye is open. This evening I have noticed that I can see light but that is all through the patch. My husband and son have been very nice and helpful to me today. I even got 2 really long naps in and I think I will head to bed soon. I'm still kinda nervous for when they remove the patch in the morning.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kinda Nervous

To get my new lens tomorrow. Today I had a list of things to do to prepare for my surgery tomorrow. On my list was go to the dentist which I completely spaced. I was thinking about changing dentists anyway...I guess now is a good time. I went to my local pharmacy to fill the prescription for the eye drops (I need to put a drop in tonight before bed). The first one I went to said that they had sold their last bottle 10 minutes before I problem...I had running around to do anyway. I am supposed to wear a button down short sleeved shirt tomorrow for the surgery. I am a T-Shirt gal. I did not own one button down shirt. So Michael said he would stop by the Goodwill store in Denton to get me one. He went in there but had no clue what to get. No problem...I can go and pick one up myself. The local second hand store in Keller is called "Bearly Used". It opened at 10am...I got there at 9:50. So far I am 0/2 for my errands. OK...I will go down to Kroger and pick up my Rx there. They were out as well. Now I am thinking "is this a sign???" Not to be outdone I stopped back by the second hand store. I am looking through all the shirts. I finally had to settle for a 2X size...that was the closest to my size. So what if I swim in it...I'm only wearing it to surgery in the morning...I hope it doesn't fall off. Now on to get the prescription. Next closest pharmacy is in Albertsons a couple miles down the road. They actually had it!!! But it was $50...they must use the newest, most expensive drops out there. Our insurance is a 3 tier plan for prescriptions...I have to pay the highest amount possible of course. The rest of the day has gone OK. It is about time to hit the hay (or water as the case may be) as I have to be there at 6:05am. Nighty-night.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Daniel's 21st Birthday


I can't believe my "baby" is 21 today. We got him a new headset for his birthday. He is wearing it in these pictures. And this is pretty much how he is all the front of his computer. But he didn't object when I started snapping photos. Right now he has went to sleep. He works nights at Wal-Mart and even though he has today off still sleeps during the day and is awake at night. Maybe he will get up so we can eat birthday cake later...I got him a DQ ice cream cake...the nearest store is in Coppell which is about 15 miles away. I'll try to get some more pictures later with the cake. And a funny picture of Michael I found on his camera :)
I'm not sure why he has grown a goatee but he has. He has started wearing contact lenses and his eyes look really blue here although I always thought they were gray.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another thought

I was reading some up on facebook and was enlightened to another way that gay marriage would have an effect. If gay marriage becomes legal then if a gay couple comes up to a minister or pastor or rabbi or even bishop asking to be married then they HAVE to perform it or they would be breaking the law. Just another thought about the gay marriage proposal. Now...enough of that.

This evening we had the missionaries over for dinner. One was from Orem, UT and the other one was from Las Vegas, NV. They were both really nice. Interestingly enough the one from LV is a convert to the church and his parents are not members yet. I think that would be really hard to go on a mission and leave your family for 2 years...well it is hard enough anyway...both as a parent and a missionary...but to know that your parents don't really understand and accept what you are doing would be even more difficult. I know how blessed missionaries and their families are though and I hope that they can see it. It was nice having a "good" meal and visiting with them was very cool. Then Michael went with them to an investigator's home and now he is back home. I like to get their phone numbers and give their mom a call to let them know that they look well and are doing great but for some reason I forgot to get their phone numbers. I really liked it when someone would contact me when Michael was out there.

Also this past week I went over to help a sister in our ward who is moving. It was good to be of service and help her out. It is such a good feeling when you are able to do that.

I thought that I might add a picture of some of the purses that I sew. The first one is the one I made for Diane. The second one is my purse. 


I think that this helps with knowing the styles of purses I sew. Diane's is a "Diamond" and mine is a "Topaz". All of our purses are one of these styles (although Kathleen is thinking up new ones at the moment). Please refer to the link to hannahedesigns for more info.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Vote Yes to Prop 8

For more information I will refer you to Seth and Megan's blog which is listed under my blog list. Also my daughter sent me a link to a video which is about a family in Massachusetts (where gay marriage is legal) and their account of a kindergartener coming home with a diversity book bag and what happened when they tried to get parental notification when this subject was taught in is very eye opening. Here is the link: 

If this doesn't pass in California (keeping marriage the way it is now...between a man and a woman) then it is just a matter of time until it is all over the United matter where we live. If you know anyone in California make sure to let them know what the church says about this (since when does the church become involved in politics anyway???) That to me is just a clue to how dangerous this situation is turning out to be. If you believe like I do, we don't want our children and grandchildren taught in school that gay marriage is normal and accepted. PLEASE get involved in the effort to say yes to Prop 8.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I got an "I Love Your Blog!" Award from Wonder Woman. I get to answer these questions in one word. (This is challenging):

1. Where is your cell phone? none
2. Where is your significant other? work
3. Your hair color? brown
4. Your mother? amazing
5. Your father? spiritual
6. Your favorite thing? grandchildren
7. Your dream last night? none
8. Your dream/goal? celestial
9. The room you're in? familyroom
10. Your hobby? sewing
11. Your fear? lonliness
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? wiser
13. Where were you last night? home
14. What you're not? perfect
15. One of your wish-list items? crystalens
16. Where you grew up? Iowa
17. The last thing you ate? PBJ
18. What are you wearing? clothes
19. Your TV? Off
20. Your pet? Buzz
21. Your computer? mine
22. Your mood? content
23. Missing someone? notreally
24. Your car? shared
25. Something you're not wearing? make-up
26. Favorite store? Wal-Mart
27. Your summer? hot
28. Love someone? yes
29. Your favorite color? blue
30. When is the last time you laughed? today
31. Last time you cried? today

And I give you all the "I Love Your Blog!" Award! Really. If you're reading this, then I read your blog, and love it. It contributes to the happiness of my day.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Congratulations to...

My mom and dad who just got called into the temple presidency as second counselor and assistant to the matron at the Oklahoma City temple.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

This time...

it was Ashley that surprised me with a phone call. She turns 5 in November and she had to tell me that she had learned how to ride a bike with NO training wheels. That is an accomplishment for a girl her age. After she was done telling me about it then Callie had to talk to me. She turned 3 a couple weeks ago and got a scooter for her birthday but she had to tell me how she could ride her bike WITH training other words she has learned to pedal. The good thing is that I could understand most of what she was telling me. Since Elisabeth's picture is on the blog now I have to put on Ashley's and Callie's. Ashley has dark hair and Callie's is blonde.