Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Storm

Last night we had a hail storm that went through around 10pm or a little after. Here are some pictures of some of the hailstones. The first picture is of me holding one...it was a "medium sized one" about 2" in diameter.

This one is the largest one that I could find. It is 2 1/2" in diameter. I thought that it was interesting that it looked like a whole bunch of small hail had joined together to make a large one.

I took this picture last night when it was pitch black and used the flash. You can see hail of all sizes.

This last picture we took using the night feature on Michael's camera (actually all pictures are taken with Michael's camera since I lost ours). His has a Samsung and is really nice. Anyway...it did not flash and was pitch black outside and still showed up like this.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Flowers

Here are the new petunias that I planted last week.


So yesterday I went to Albertson's to buy a package of hamburger buns so I could make sloppy joes for dinner. I knew that there were some specials there so I also did some shopping for my food storage. Everything was on sale except the Stewart's bottles of pop (which I bought for the upcoming 50th Anniversary Party...my maiden name is Stewart after all...we just have to have those for our centerpieces). Here is a picture of what I got:

* 2 cans Del Monte pineapple tidbits (0.50 each)
* 2 pkg Healthy Harvest pasta (1.26 each)
* 2 pkg Charmin Bath Tissue (6.99 each)
* 2 pkg hamburger buns (1.00 each)
* 1 loaf honey wheat bread (2.00)
* 2-2L strawberry Crush pop (.088 each)
* 5 cans Campbell Chicken Noodle Soup (0.50 each)
* 10 cans Always Save Vegetables (0.50 each)
* 4-6packs Deja Blue Water (0.50 each)
* 2 lbs Butter (1.39 each)
* 1 dozen large eggs (0.99)
* 4 Banquet Pot Pies (0.50 each)
* 1 pkg Albertson's potato rounds (1.99)
* 3 pkg sirloin steak (buy 1 get 2 free)

I paid $61.20 and saved $82.79!!! I think that I am catching the vision :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A new member of the family

This past Monday Michael and I went to Petco and we came home with a Ball Python...that is a snake.

It is a baby right now. It is 19 inches long and just shed this past weekend. Ball pythons are supposed to get from 4-6 feet long. Right now he is at the limit for the cage we have. When Michael had his spider (a tarantula) he never came right out and told Wayne. We talked about the spider all the time but Wayne never asked and we never told. On Tuesday Michael had the snake out when the garage door opened and I asked him if he was going to put it away. He said no. Well Wayne's least favorite things alive are spiders and snakes so I didn't know how he would react. He said that he didn't like it and would probably never touch it but since then anyone who has come over he makes sure that Michael shows them the snake...VERY INTERESTING!! Right now the snake is nameless and we are not sure if it is a male or female.

As I was downloading the pictures of the snake and flowers and food (I will blog about these at a later date) I came across this picture of Buzz. I laughed because it is so like him. He loves sleeping on the bed (this one is mine and Wayne's) and on the pillow. This time he drug Wayne's pillow down...so funny. That is our dog.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jennica is 2!!

Julie got new photos done of Jennica. She turned 2 at the end of January so here are her 2 year old pictures. Enjoy!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break

This week my sister and her 5 kids came down to Texas to visit!! We had such fun. I did things that I had never done before. The highlight of the week was going to San Antonio. Eight of us piled into her van and hit the road (thank you to my wonderful husband for staying home and dog sitting). San Antonio is about 6 hours away and we left here during rush hour...NOT a good idea. We got there around 10pm. Our plan was to leave early enough to do a session in the temple but that did not work out :(. The next day we went to SeaWorld...all I can say is AWESOME. We all loved it. The Believe show with the killer whales was the BEST. We saw it twice. The first time the only seats available were down in the splash zone. We sat on the second row. When they say you will get soaked they do not lie. I was soaked to the skin however I was also closest to the middle of the row and the ones on the end were hardly wet. Michael sat next to me and he was soaked too. Luckily Kelly had moved up with Angela or else they would have been soaked too. Let me tell you...that is the saltiest water that I have ever been unlucky enough to taste (you couldn't help it...it was on my lips...at least my mouth was closed when we were splashed!!) We went to all the shows at least once plus I went on the inverted roller coaster...the one where you sit in the seat and your legs dangle...it was pretty fun. We were there from when the park opened to when it closed. I can't believe we never took our kids there before...it was great...I highly recommend it if you are ever in Orlando, San Diego, or San Antonio. Well worth the money spent.

Then the next day we decided to stay and go to the riverwalk and the Alamo. The younger kids were pretty bored at the Alamo so we didn't stay long...besides there were huge lines. We ate lunch/dinner at Saltgrass (in my opinion the best steak house ever) and then after that went on a boat tour. It was all fun...we had a hilarious guide. We got done with that around 5pm (just in time for rush hour traffic again...you would have thought we had learned our lesson on the way down). We decided since we couldn't go to the temple to just drive by. It was kinda out of the way but worth going to see. It is bigger than the OKC temple but smaller than the Dallas temple and beautiful like all temples. Then we drove home stopping between San Antonio and Austin for ice cream at an A&W. All was well at home.

Our guests left today and I have been not doing anything...just recovering...I have been so tired but now that it is past 9pm I am finally waking up!! Sorry...no pictures this time...we forgot the camera again. Kelly did get some on her phone though so that is good.

How was everyone else's spring break? Have you had it yet???

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Many Hats We Wear

This morning we had a RS Enrichment Meeting. It was a birthday breakfast. The theme was "The Many Hats We Wear". It basically helped us remember the many things we do as women and to help us to realize that we are all special. That we have many different talents but are also alike in many ways. We had the tables decorated with hats. The tables were also split up into months and we had to sit at the table that was our birthday month. We had helium balloons and birthday balloons decorating the cultural hall. We had a "bingo" board where we had to go around the room and have different sisters fill in a space of their choosing with things like favorite scripture, pet, favorite food, what country they were from, what birthday month they were, etc. We also had to write down an accomplishment that we had this past year which we were proud of and wanted to share. Then our Enrichment Counselor read them all and we had to guess whose it was. I put down this blog and someone said that could be any of us...which is true but it was really hard to think of something new that I had done this past year and never done before. I realized later that I could have also put down that I had started playing soccer. Anyway...I made the cake and I will post pictures of it as I was decorating it. This was the first time I had taken pictures of a cake in progress. Enjoy.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's done!!!

My mom's purse that is. I think it turned out really nice...what do you think?