Monday, September 29, 2008

This and That

Last week was CRAZY. It's not one that I wish to repeat. I am hoping that I and the other people involed have learned what we need to.

I really liked Women's Conference on Saturday evening. I had volunteered to make a dish for the Stake dinner before the broadcast. It was really good...I think that I will have to cut it in about fourths and make it for my family. They also had a short program before the broadcast began which consisted of a narrator and musical numbers. It was very touching.

I have cataract surgery scheduled for October 17. It is an off Friday for Wayne so he can take me there and then is available for my follow up appointment the following morning. I am about ready to be able to see clearly out of BOTH eyes. I will wait for the other eye (as long as the doctor says I can) until it gets to the point that my right one is at now. I am just going to do a regular lens because there is no long term data with the crystalens AND I am such a scrooge.

I should go do my household chores...not to mention I have several purses to finish cutting out and sewing.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Tomorrow is our 30th wedding anniversary. It seems it can't really be true but it is. Diane is 28, Julie is 27, Michael is 22, and Daniel is nearly 21. Wow...where did the years go??? We don't have anything planned...we usually don't celebrate but sometimes I wish we would. Wayne would always say that if we forgot our first anniversary we could celebrate the 2nd one...our temple one...November 7 I believe. That one will be 29 years this year. We shall see if we do anything...I doubt it since it is mid week. Maybe I will get some flowers...although we already have a pretty bouquet of daisies.

The is a story. On Friday night...after dark the doorbell rang. We weren't expecting anyone. It was the Montierth's and Montgomery's. Kirsten had hurt her wrist playing football with the guys. It ends up the story was that she had gotten tackled (I think by her cousin, maybe her brother) and fell forward on her hand. She was really crying and in pain. I thought it might be broken but I don't have x-ray vision. So I told her parents (they had to be called and came over very quickly) that if it was mine child I would do the RICE (rest, immobilization, compression, elevation) treatment and if it wasn't better by morning to take her in then. I sent her home with it wrapped, in a sling, and with a medibear. The next evening she rang my doorbell and gave me back everything that I had sent her home with plus a bouquet of daisies...VERY NICE :) It ends up it was a buckle fracture and it was splinted when I saw her. Today she was going in to get the cast although I have not seen her today. So I do have very pretty daisies!!

My sister-in-law had a baby girl last week on the 10th. She was 29 weeks along and the baby was 2 pounds 9 ounces. They had to take the baby early because Ritzzy had such high blood pressure. She was having vision problems and is still having them. She is still in the hospital (as of yesterday at least). The baby's name is Mischa and she is in the NICU and doing well for the circumstances. Please keep them in your prayers.

Thanks for the input on the cataract surgery. We have made a decision and I will post about that later when I know when the surgery will be. It has to be soon (probably in October) as I am nearly blind in my right eye. That is all for now.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Something new

When we moved here we bought a new washing machine. It was the first new one we had ever bought...all of our other ones (2) were hand me downs and they lasted for 25 years. So we bought this new GE thinking it would last for 20+ years...WRONG. About six months ago it started leaking water. Wayne (my Mr. fix it man...he can fix ANYTHING) ordered parts for it and went to work on it. Unfortunately he found out it was a bad transmission (after buying about every part except that) and was going to cost $200+ to fix. So...we decided to look at buying a new one instead. He was dead set against a front loader although I really wanted one having used my parents before. After reading tons of reviews and being determined to buy an energy saver he decided a front loader was the way to go. He got on and ordered the best one there for the price. It is a Frigidaire GLTF1940F. It was delivered on Thursday. I have done laundry in it twice (well more than 2 loads...i mean 2 days of like 3-4 loads each) and LOVE it. It is not that big of a tub (if I had more kids at home I would recommend a larger tub) but works great for our family of 4 (which I keep expecting to shrink). 

Other than that not much is new. I played soccer (as did Michael) last Tuesday and probably will again this week. I think I am a detriment to whichever team I am on but something pretty cool happened last time. The ball was flying through the air and the really good Brazilian dude on the other team tried to head it but it flew right into my head. I closed my eyes but they told me later that I had headed it right to my teammate and he made a goal. It was my first assist (and I didn't even know it)!! So sometimes I guess lucky things do happen :) I was so sore afterwards (not my head...just the rest of me) but a couple days rest and I am good as new. I can't wait until Tuesday.

I have a medical dilemma. I am 47 years old. I do not mind people knowing how old I am...I after all have a 28 year old daughter so I have to be in my upper 40's. I found out back in December 2007 (yes...nearly a year ago) that I have cataracts. It is kinda a mystery why I ended up with them but I have them and have to get eye surgery. For the cataract surgery they remove the lens and replace it with a new lens. I am kinda scared to have it done because I have watched the surgery a lot while on my rotations for PA school. I did a rotation at the VA hospital in Wichita KS and a local opthomologist came and performed the surgery once a week. I would assist. Hence...the reason that I have not had it taken care of yet. Anyway...that is not my dilemma...just a little background info. I can get a regular lens which will make it so I can see far away but not mid range or close up. This surgery is completely covered by my insurance. I can get a crystalens which is a new lens and the muscles from your eye moves it so you can see clearly at all distances. This lens costs $2650+ per eye. Insurance covers the surgery but not the lens. If I get the regular lens I CANNOT go back later and get the crystalens. If I get the regular lens I will have to wear reading glasses (or the progressives like I do now) for the rest of my days. I have always had perfect vision until around 43 years of age when I had to get progressives as my near vision left. Do you think it is worth $5300 to get crystalens? We have the money but we are also wanting to retire sometime. That is my question and I would appreciate your input.

Monday, September 1, 2008

A Surprise Call

Tonight I got a call from Elisabeth, my 6 year old granddaughter. It was a surprise. I'm still not really sure why she called but I asked her questions and she could answer so we carried on an intelligent conversation. I think that can really only happen with my 2 oldest grandchildren. We talked about school (she is in a class with 16 students and is the youngest in her class and has the only August birthday), family home evening tonight (she gave the lesson about weather and she made coloring sheets about tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes after they talked about them), and her primary class (she says that there are more than 5 but less than 10 kids). Then all of a sudden she said bye and she was gone. Cell phones with grandma on the "faves" list are so cool!!

Other than that there isn't much happening. College started so things are busy again. I'll post more in a couple of days.