Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am...

heading out to Utah bright and early Friday morning. I am really looking forward to seeing Julie and the grandkids :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Soccer is fun...

Most of the time at least. This past Tuesday while I was playing soccer I got hit just below the knee. Now it looks like this:

Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm back...

We drove home Tuesday instead of Monday so we could spend an extra day with my sister after her last final. My sister, Kelly, and my niece (her daughter, Becca) graduated from College and High School respectively. We brought our camera but did I bring it out??? Of course not!! Her neighbor took some pictures though that were really good.
This first one is of the two of them.

This next one is of the graduates and their family.

I also spent some time in Andover at my daughter's house. I can't resist visiting them.

On the way home when traveling through the southern part of Oklahoma there is a section that has scenic views and I have always wanted to stop to see what it looks like. Finally after 5 years of driving back and forth between Texas and Kansas we stopped!! Here are a few photos we took.

If you look closely you can see I35 in the upper middle of this picture.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'll be...

Gone for a few days because I am going to Kansas!! Michael and I will leave in a couple hours and drive there. I'll post a report when I return (which will be Monday).

As of last night Snape still had not shed his skin. I'm sure he'll have new skin when we return.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Looks like this today (and yesterday and we think that is his/her name).

It is kinda hard to tell but Snape is getting ready to shed her skin. It is kind of wrinkly and translucent looking. Michael says he feels funny to the touch so he hasn't picked him up for a few days. I thought that maybe it was a quicker process but it has been going on for several days now. I will take another picture when she has her new skin.

The other happening is that Michael got picked to go get me my Mother's Day roses (luckily I have girls to think of these type of things). Here is what he got and I LOVE them. I like pale pink roses so much better than red ones.

I had a pretty uneventful day except that I spoke with all my children and my mother and my mother-in-law (via my husband) today so that was nice. Michael and I are probably taking a trip this week after finals but the destination is yet to be determined. I really want to go to Iowa with my mother-in-law but she is still undecided. If I don't go there then I will go to Kansas for my sister and niece's graduation from college and high school respectively. Whichever I do should be fun.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Friend...

Heather signed up for a contest for the messiest pantry and came in as one of the 5 finalists!! She would appreciate your votes. Here is the web address: She would appreciate votes...even from strangers. You are allowed to vote every 24 hours from each computer. I should really get on and vote from some of our other ones :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesday night...

Soccer!!! I scored another goal :) but also played goalie (no hands) for awhile and let a few past :( but it was great fun. Let me tell you...I am sore today though.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Did you ever...

Want to see a snake eat? If so...scroll down. If might see the photo anyway.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Something new

I can't remember if I have posted about Michael lately. He is my 22 year old. A returned missionary. Going to be a computer programmer. All around good guy albeit slightly shy around people...goes back to that engineering mind I think. Here are a few pictures over the years:
Here he was 5 months old...what a cutie.

Here he is in Kindergarten. It was a spring picture so he was 5 years old.

That scar on his forehead is from when he was about 20 months old. He was in a shopping cart...I had all 4 kids at the grocery store with me so Daniel was up front where the kids sit and I had Michael in the part where the groceries are. It was an old fashioned kind of cart sort of like the yellow one in the following picture. It is hard to see but the top of it at the front (opposite of where you push it) has a part that lifts up and drops down. It was so you could slide your groceries out onto the conveyor belt in line and not have to reach down and get them like you do today. So he lifted it up and tumbled out head first onto the concrete covered with tile floor and landed on his forehead. It is actually amazing that he didn't have a head or brain injury...but he only had stitches and now a scar.

Here he is the day he returned from his mission just over a year ago so he is 21 years old.

Here is his spider which perished a few months ago.

Here is his snake...yet to be named.

He has been having a few health problems lately. Namely that he had been sleeping a 12-14 hours a day and was still tired when he got up. He would miss class some and his first class is at 2pm. I finally set up an appointment with the doctor. I asked him if he wanted me to go with him...he said no...big mistake. She wanted to take his blood and he does not do well with that. He almost passes out, gets nauseous, and really needs to just sit for like 15 minutes or half an hour after the procedure. He gets that from his dad...I watch when they take my blood. He got back and said I should have gone. Anyway...they called with the results yesterday and he has an under active thyroid so he started on generic Synthroid and goes back in 8 weeks to check and see how it is working. I think that I will go then so that I can see his numbers...just curious...especially since I have the condition too. I guess that people don't always gain weight having that...he is still just as skinny as ever. he was up before noon...actually up before 10:30am!!! Maybe that will solve his being tired all the time problem...I sure hope so.