Thursday, August 13, 2009


So...last night I was called saying that they were going to do the roof today. OK. I thought that they would show up at 7:30. They were here by 7:00 and I didn't get my car out of the garage and now my driveway is full...I guess that I am staying home today...I'm glad I didn't have places that I had to be like yesterday. Plus I have a whole house that really needs cleaning. It is really noisy BUT not only because of the people on the roof BUT one of my smoke detectors decided that it needed a new battery. It is beeping about every 30 seconds and it is up on my highest ceiling and I can't reach it. CURSE being will have to wait until Wayne gets home. Buzz is hiding in the bedroom closet except when he decides to go out which I have to go with him because the gate is open and then he decides he wants to stay outside and lays down in the grass and I have to physically lift him up to walk him back into the he can hide again. O the joys of a "different" day...I think that I will go bake cookies or something fun.

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Lois Brown said...

Smart, very smart! Making good use of the time you have no choice but to have!