Monday, January 25, 2010

Birthday photos

Today is Jennica's third birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNICA!!

This photo was taken about a month ago. She is such a cutie.
It is also Buzz's birthday this month. He was a humane society dog so our kids picked out his birthday: 1-23-97 or January 23. I actually took a picture of him on his made up thirteenth birthday:

He is a dog full of allergies and is always licking, chewing, or biting himself...hence the bandage. The only way we could get him to leave hot spots alone was to wrap in self stick elastic bandage but even that wasn't stopping him for this spot so we had to reinforce it with athletic tape. We have had it bandaged for over a month now and luckily we will be able to remove it later this week. We are waiting for his hair to grow back over it so he will hopefully leave it alone. ANYWAY: his allergies are so bad that he has been on prednisone since he was a puppy. We heard all the bad things that pred did to people and animals but that was the only thing that halfway helped. We thought that it would really shorten  his life so when he hit 10 years we were ecstatic. Now I figure he is on borrowed time because he is 13!! Love that puppy!!

These next pictures are of a sunset that we had a few evenings ago. I thought it was beautiful but I'm not sure that the photo gives it the proper justice.

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