Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I got back from Kansas and went directly to the ER but no worries...they thought I was fine. I HATE woman's issues. I spent Monday afternoon at the OB/GYN office just to be told she was delayed and they would have to reschedule. I go back there tomorrow and we'll see what she says.

I lost my charger for my camera so it is dead as a door nail and I can't get any of the pictures off...BIG SAD face.

I started a new wellness challenge with a group of my friends (old and newly made) from afar. Twelve weeks for this first one...I am sure I will do more. It has been inspiring to me and I love that I am accountable to others for what I do and that they are depending on me to help our team win.

We finally got into contact with our relocation company and the first Realtor to interview will be here Friday. We have LOTS to do yet. SO...I better go.


Lois Brown said...

Hope your o.k. and that you can see the Doctor!!!! that is sad about your camera charger....can you get one separtely somehow? Excited for you to start the wellness challenge since you are...but would not be my idea of excitment...even though it should! lol!

Karin said...

I'm sorry you're still have problems. Hope you're okay!

Frisbies Forever said...

Hopefully you can get it sorted out! So glad you are on my team!

Kim said...

I ended up buying a battery charger at Best Buy. It was $60 so that was an expensive thing to lose on my trip. Hopefully there will be a few good pictures that I can post up here soon.