Thursday, May 26, 2011

4 months!!

Thor stats: 43.1 pounds

LOVES to play fetch. Will chase after a tennis ball and bring it back to you. Whether he lets go so you can throw it again is another story. Plays tug of war with the ball after he brings it back. 

Loves to sleep on his back. Sleeps with Michael exclusively (yeah) except on Thursday night when he goes to institute and gets home past Thor's bedtime.

He was 3 months old here but it was the latest photo of his back sleeping.

Most nights will crawl under the headboard of the waterbed and sleep there...makes his own crate minus a door.

Sleeps through the night but usually gets up between 7 and 8 to pee. Sometimes goes back to bed until 10am :)

During day favorite place to sleep is on the floor in front of the fireplace. It is hard and cold. His soft comfy doggy bed is close but he uses the doggy bed for playing with toys on.

Down-most of the time
Stay-still working on
Come here-check (so cool...I trained him in one session and he is VERY good at it)
Off-we're working on it
Walk on loose leash-almost
Potty trained-VERY close
Bowel trained-check. Even goes out the doggy door by himself!!

Still have a lot of training to work on but so far it is going pretty well. Deciding whether to put him in an obedience class. Have decided to take him to a puppy socialization class at PETCO on Friday evenings...first class tomorrow...and it is FREE!! We'll see how that goes.

He is a very people friendly dog. Reminds me so much of Buzz half the time I call him that. Of course he looks nothing like Buzz but he still reminds me of him.

He is also loosing baby teeth and getting permanent ones but it doesn't seem to bother him. Today I was pulling on a spiked teething ring with him and out popped a tooth. He snatched it up and ate it before I could even get to it. Wayne looked in his mouth and it was one of his canines.

Just got him a harness for his walks. Hopefully it will be easier to walk him on it.

We are enjoying having him as part of our family.

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