Saturday, June 25, 2011

5 month stats

All I have is 55 pounds. After last time and he was 49 I said he was too heavy for me to lift and weigh so Michael did it today (he weighs himself then picks him up and then figures the difference). I did take a video of him today though so enjoy :)
In the video he tried to follow Michael downstairs but I called him back. He was probably disappointed that he didn't get a treat but I was holding the camera. We enrolled him in obedience training to help out a little (we are on week 3 of 6). It is just helping reinforce the things that we had been teaching. The dog trainer (Pam) has also given us some pointers on the other problems we have been having with him. He is doing very well. He also goes to puppy play time on Friday evenings. There is a dog park at the park closest to us that we want to start taking him to. He should really like that...he really likes playing with other dogs. He is a very friendly dog...but then again labs are so that is no surprise. He is really getting big.

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