Monday, August 8, 2011

And Thor...

Is 67 pounds at 6 1/2 months. I guessed about 60. Michael took him up to my bathroom scale to weigh him. He wasn't too thrilled about being held. That is right about where Buzz was his last few years. But I'm sure Thor still has some growing to do. His paws are still huge. He is either zonked out on the floor or else up and wanting to play. It is funny because he'll bring his frisbee, or rope, or bone to Wayne when he is home instead of Michael or me. Wayne of course complains about it but I think he secretly enjoys it.

I finally figured out how to download my last videos (with Michael's help). Here is Spice and Thor playing at our last puppy training class. We miss puppy playtime. The dog trainer would always let them play and ask us how they did at home the previous week so this is them playing at the beginning of class. You can see how Thor towers over Spice but she loves playing with him.

Right now we are scheduled to have Thor fixed a week from today. He will also get microchipped and she will check his hips because purebred labs are known to have hip dysplasia. We don't think he has it although he does usually sit funny. That is all for now. I have photos on my phone that I need to send to myself so that I can show the airport we flew in and out of.

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