Monday, August 4, 2008

Hmmm...What to do now

I finished "Breaking Dawn" last night. It was SOOOO good. And pretty unexpected. Michael is reading it now. I think that he stayed up half the night (or maybe all night) reading it because he says he is half way through it now. Talking about Michael, he has orientation today at the University of North Texas (UNT) in Denton. Typical Michael, he called home (on a pay phone since we don't have cells) saying he was lost. And this was an hour after it started. So I had to get on Google maps to see if I could help point him in the right direction. I finally found where he was supposed to be (it was a little off campus and he was on campus) and told him how to get there. He hasn't called again and hasn't come home so I am thinking that he must have found it. It is always so hard going somewhere the first time and having NO idea where it is. I'm sure he'll have no problem with UNT once he gets familiar with campus.

Daniel is just Daniel. He worked last night after getting like 2 hours sleep yesterday. BUT at least he went to church (I think he has went every week for the past month...YEAH) and still got up for work. He works at Wal-Mart as a night cashier.

Michael and I are heading to OKC Friday on the Amtrak train and then hitching a ride with my mom and dad to UTAH!!! I can't wait to see Julie, Dean, Caleb, and Jennica. We will be gone for about a week. Michael is looking forward to seeing the people he met while out there in the Utah Ogden mission. If any of you would like to see us then comment here and I'll see if we can fit you in.


Diane said...

How about you swing by here and see us to:) We'd love to have the company.

Kim said...

lol!! I will...but not this trip.