Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I have always been a soccer mom...never really played before. But being a soccer mom made it so that I knew the rules and I did practice with the boys if they wanted me to. My friend started an activity for playing soccer on Tuesday evenings. Let me tell you...that is a struggle in the summer in Texas heat. Anyway...the first week I went I drug Michael with me. On his mission he got the whole get up for playing soccer...shorts, shirt, fancy shin guards, socks, and shoes. Me...I have NOTHING. I wasn't going to play the first week there but they talked me into it and it was FUN!!!! So last week I went back and played again...they didn't seem to mind that I was pretty lousy. This week I think that I actually improved BUT I have come to one conclusion...I have to get shin guards. AND while I am at it...I might as well get the shoes :) I am by far the oldest person there but no one really seems to mind and we are just doing it for fun anyway. It started as a group of us from church getting together but it has grown to neighborhood kids and adults playing too. I will miss playing next week but I would rather be in UTAH!!!

Other than that I have been bored. I need to start packing for the trip. I need to buy the train tickets. Michael needs to call people he wants to visit. I need to start a list of things to take. Can't wait to go!!!


alyssa said...

Playing soccer sounds like fun. That and volleyball are about the only two I'd be comfotable doing. And fun to do it with friends from church.

Thanks for your comments about the blog/pictures thing. I supposed I *should* e-mail the pics, but I always forget. My dad usually just copies them from the blog and puts it on a CD for mom. (They still don't have the internet at home.)

And I LOVE that you read and finished Breaking Dawn!! I didn't catch on to Bella being pregnant and Jacob imprinting till Bella realized it! So dense!! But I love how she worked everything out. And totally set up another series. I'm gonna read again in a few days.

It's fun to hear from you!

Kristy said...

That is excellent that you are playing soccer! Very cool. Enjoy Utah -- it's beautiful here this time of year!