Monday, September 15, 2008


Tomorrow is our 30th wedding anniversary. It seems it can't really be true but it is. Diane is 28, Julie is 27, Michael is 22, and Daniel is nearly 21. Wow...where did the years go??? We don't have anything planned...we usually don't celebrate but sometimes I wish we would. Wayne would always say that if we forgot our first anniversary we could celebrate the 2nd one...our temple one...November 7 I believe. That one will be 29 years this year. We shall see if we do anything...I doubt it since it is mid week. Maybe I will get some flowers...although we already have a pretty bouquet of daisies.

The is a story. On Friday night...after dark the doorbell rang. We weren't expecting anyone. It was the Montierth's and Montgomery's. Kirsten had hurt her wrist playing football with the guys. It ends up the story was that she had gotten tackled (I think by her cousin, maybe her brother) and fell forward on her hand. She was really crying and in pain. I thought it might be broken but I don't have x-ray vision. So I told her parents (they had to be called and came over very quickly) that if it was mine child I would do the RICE (rest, immobilization, compression, elevation) treatment and if it wasn't better by morning to take her in then. I sent her home with it wrapped, in a sling, and with a medibear. The next evening she rang my doorbell and gave me back everything that I had sent her home with plus a bouquet of daisies...VERY NICE :) It ends up it was a buckle fracture and it was splinted when I saw her. Today she was going in to get the cast although I have not seen her today. So I do have very pretty daisies!!

My sister-in-law had a baby girl last week on the 10th. She was 29 weeks along and the baby was 2 pounds 9 ounces. They had to take the baby early because Ritzzy had such high blood pressure. She was having vision problems and is still having them. She is still in the hospital (as of yesterday at least). The baby's name is Mischa and she is in the NICU and doing well for the circumstances. Please keep them in your prayers.

Thanks for the input on the cataract surgery. We have made a decision and I will post about that later when I know when the surgery will be. It has to be soon (probably in October) as I am nearly blind in my right eye. That is all for now.


Seth and Megan said...

I hope you have a good anniversary Kim, 30 years!! Congratulations Girl!!! that is an accomplishment. And you have beautiful children and grandchildren, what a happy day for you reflect on many blessings. I hadn't heard about Ritzzy, We will pray for her, Wow! I hope she is alright, what a scary situation for the mom and baby. I'm glad you posted about it. Good luck with the Cataract surgery, We will pray for the best. Love you!

Kristy said...

Congratulations on 30 years! That is a great accomplishment and I'm so happy for you.

Good advice for Kirsten. Way to go!