Monday, September 29, 2008

This and That

Last week was CRAZY. It's not one that I wish to repeat. I am hoping that I and the other people involed have learned what we need to.

I really liked Women's Conference on Saturday evening. I had volunteered to make a dish for the Stake dinner before the broadcast. It was really good...I think that I will have to cut it in about fourths and make it for my family. They also had a short program before the broadcast began which consisted of a narrator and musical numbers. It was very touching.

I have cataract surgery scheduled for October 17. It is an off Friday for Wayne so he can take me there and then is available for my follow up appointment the following morning. I am about ready to be able to see clearly out of BOTH eyes. I will wait for the other eye (as long as the doctor says I can) until it gets to the point that my right one is at now. I am just going to do a regular lens because there is no long term data with the crystalens AND I am such a scrooge.

I should go do my household chores...not to mention I have several purses to finish cutting out and sewing.

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