Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving time of year

My friend, Lois, has spent all week listing things she is thankful for...10 a day. It has made me wonder if I could come up with enough things to be thankful for in 2 or 3 days let alone a week or two!! It is a great idea, Lois, but I don't want to steal it from you. I just want everyone to know that I am very thankful for my life this year. I am happy.

This past week, on Tuesday, I went to play soccer as usual. Unfortunately I did a VERY stupid thing along the way. AND to make it worse...I wasn't even there yet...I was still walking there. Sooo, I was dribbling the soccer ball and had made it to the school where soccer is held. It is kind of hilly by the school (not because Texas is least not where I live at) but they had built up the ground going up to the school so there is a gentle or not so gentle slope going down the side. So I was trying to keep the ball from rolling down the hill and into the fence and tripped over it. I was holding onto a sack (with nursing covers and bags for the nursing covers in it) and a water bottle in my right hand so when I fell I caught myself with my left hand. There was immediate pain but what hurt so badly was my ganglion cyst. I ignored it and played (OK...not really played...only 2 others showed up and it was almost dark so we just decided on when and where to play next week) and then came back home. By the time I got home it was really swollen between by wrist and my knuckles. I have never gotten hurt so bad that I swelled like that. So I took 4 ibuprofen, wrapped it in an elastic bandage, put ice on it, and tried to keep it elevated (typical RICE treatment as I learned in PA school). I kept it wrapped for 36 hours and decided I had enough of that. It has been unwrapped ever since. It is just really bruised now and still very tender. Interestingly enough the cyst is gone. I guess the pressure from the fall made it burst...much better (maybe???) than surgery. Also...I know it is not broken. I suspected it wasn't but when I took Michael in to see the PA on Thursday I had him take a look at it just to make sure he agreed with my diagnosis. I have tried to take a picture but they don't seem to do it justice. OK...I downloaded the is the best one:

On Friday night I went to see "Twilight". I took the boys. It was "women's night out" with my church but I hadn't told them I was I thought the boys might think it kind of strange to be sitting with all these women. Unfortunately we got lost...well let me back up. We left an hour before the show started because I hadn't been to this theater before. But I had the address PLUS had looked it up online at their website so I thought that I knew how to get there. Yeah. So we were driving up and down this street that the map said it was on but it wasn't there. Finally about 20 minutes before it started I stopped in at a Dominos pizza because hey...the delivery drivers should know where everything is. So the guy said he knew where it was but started telling me how to get there and all of a sudden says that he knows how to get there but can't tell me how to get there!! How frustrating. So he goes back to ask someone else to help me. There is a lady sitting there waiting for pizza and she says she can tell us how to get there and she does and we find it but by this time it is 5 minutes before it starts...a 7:05 the theater is packed. And I hadn't asked my girlfriends to save us seats so there was NOWHERE to sit except in the front. So...Michael, Daniel, and I sat in the second or third row back on the right side (not even in the middle). Not a very good place...let me tell you. And afterwards Sarah said she would have saved us seats. BUMMER. But...the movie was good. I didn't like it as well as the book but that is probably because I've read all of them and know what is going to happen. But I might go see it again but arrive early enough to get better seats. Daniel on the other hand LOVED it. He hasn't read the book so I thought he would be lost but he liked it better than either Michael or I. So I would say it is worth going to see whether you have read the book or not. I will probably get the DVD when it comes out also.


Lois Brown said...

I'm so sorry about your fall and hurt hand...but amazing that it might have taken care of the cyst! A Mircle really! I haven't read the Twilight books, I have just recently found out that it is written by an LDS authur and that its not a dark vampire books series...but if your son who hasn't read it liked it there might be hope for me to see it and understand what is going on! You can always steal my ideas...that is what friends are for! And I know that you are thankful by the way you live your life!

Frisbies Forever said...

Well, what a week for you! Ouch. Hope it heals quick! I don't know the twilight series. I am thinking I should hurry up and see it so I am not disappointed like everyone else seems to be a little. I am sorry it is so painful, it looks wretched. : (

scraps said...

Hope your hand is healing fast. Thanks for your comment, you are a great friend.