Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Time Flies

We spent last week  in Arkansas at Wayne's moms house. It was good and quiet but kinda boring (don't tell her that :)) The boys spent the week at home and I felt kinda guilty that they didn't get a Thanksgiving dinner BUT they didn't even mention it when we returned home so I guess they didn't care all that much. I missed my computer (even though they have one out in the family room AND we brought our little "eee PC") because I felt like if I spent as much time online as I usually do then 'mom' would think I was ignoring her. It is fun going to her house but I come home always thinking that my house is not nearly clean enough and that I don't put nearly enough thought into my cooking. It usually doesn't take me long to get over it though.

I have been pretty much running non stop since I got home. It took me the rest of Sunday (we just missed getting home in time for church so we skipped) catching up on the mail, e-mail, and mainly bills. Yesterday I went to our stake center to set up my Christmas tree and iron tablecloths. Our stake puts on a nativity display every year and it is this weekend. I have helped most the years I have lived here to set up but have never went. I am going to be gone this weekend so once again I am going to miss it. I hear that it is a really good one and that A LOT of people, members and non-members alike, attend every year. So far what I have seen it is amazing. So if you live in the Fort Worth area it is at the Colleyville stake center Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. 

Today I had an opthomologist appointment. He says I am completely healed and that my left eye meets surgery requirements so any time I am ready to have it done to schedule the surgery. I think I probably will have it done in January or February. After that I went to work on my bedroom and closet (guilty about cleanliness...haven't gotten over mom's house yet :)) It took awhile but I got it done. I feel so much better now that it is clean. Also today, my friend Sarah, cut my hair. It looks so much better. I also gave her the bags for the nursing covers that I have sewn and she gave me a piece of fabric for making a pocket on a nursing cover...I got that finished. Our newest covers are pink with brown dots...they are SOOOO cute. We have made some of them one layer instead of two for something different. We also sold another one (it was zebra print with blue satin) and got paid for it!!

Tomorrow I am going to go help tie a quilt for a humanitarian project. That should be fun. We also have tithing settlement in the evening but Wayne will already be in bed so that one I am doing alone.

Thursday I have enrichment meeting in the evening. Sometime before I leave I would like to fit in some more Christmas shopping. I am almost done but not quite. I also need to get a gift for the wedding. I would also like to start decorating the house for Christmas.

Friday I am planning on going to the cannery in the morning. Then we will leave to drive up to Kansas for Emerald and Ryan's wedding which is Saturday. Friday evening we will play "Pepper" with Kelly and her family and Steph and whoever else wants to go over to Diane's house. On Sunday I need to get back to Arkansas to Wayne's moms house. I think the boys will probably have to drop me off but there might be another way if it works out...we shall see. On Monday Rusty has surgery on his melanoma. He has a very large spot on his neck and the surgeon is taking that off plus a few lymph nodes to have them tested to see if it has spread. If anyone needs prayers, he does. He is Wayne's brother. I will stay that whole week in Arkansas to help out as needed. If all goes well then Wayne will come pick me up the following weekend.

Sometime I also need to write our Christmas letter and maybe print it out so that I can address them and mail them out in Arkansas but that might have to wait until I return as I already have  a lot on my plate this week.


Lois Brown said...

Wow..you must be wonder woman! How will you do it all? I hope all goes well in Arkansas! I've heard about the Nativity in Arlington but not Colleyville, I've missed getting to see your posts! I'll be thinking and praying for you!

scraps said...

Wow! You are one busy woman!

Gina said...

Kim, fun blog! Slow down a bit, I'm tired just reading all your busy with!