Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Many Hats We Wear

This morning we had a RS Enrichment Meeting. It was a birthday breakfast. The theme was "The Many Hats We Wear". It basically helped us remember the many things we do as women and to help us to realize that we are all special. That we have many different talents but are also alike in many ways. We had the tables decorated with hats. The tables were also split up into months and we had to sit at the table that was our birthday month. We had helium balloons and birthday balloons decorating the cultural hall. We had a "bingo" board where we had to go around the room and have different sisters fill in a space of their choosing with things like favorite scripture, pet, favorite food, what country they were from, what birthday month they were, etc. We also had to write down an accomplishment that we had this past year which we were proud of and wanted to share. Then our Enrichment Counselor read them all and we had to guess whose it was. I put down this blog and someone said that could be any of us...which is true but it was really hard to think of something new that I had done this past year and never done before. I realized later that I could have also put down that I had started playing soccer. Anyway...I made the cake and I will post pictures of it as I was decorating it. This was the first time I had taken pictures of a cake in progress. Enjoy.


Lois Brown said...

Great meeting idea! And awesome cake...I had no idea that you decorated cakes too. Is there no end to your talents? I might start getting a little insecure! j/k. but really Wow!

scraps said...

Great job on the cake! Sounds like you ladies had a fun time.

cynthia said...

Your cake was amazing! I was so impressed that it matched the invitations. It's easy to do it on the computer, but I could never "draw" it out by hand on a cake. My hat is off to you for this one ;) Simply amazing!