Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Random thoughts

Leaving on a jet plane early tomorrow morning...VERY excited.

Found out I will get a new granddaughter in March. Diane has never found out ahead of time before and was so sure she was having a boy they are having a hard time getting used to the idea of having another girl. I don't think she will find out again next time...if there is a next time. SOOO...has anyone out there (besides my niece Amber) been told they were having a girl and then it ended up it was a boy???

Diane is also worried about her VBAC. She has never gone into labor on her own and her OB won't induce with a previous C-section and she really doesn't want to go through another one. Plus she is worried about knowing when it is labor and getting to the hospital in time because she goes VERY fast...just like her mom did. I hope that all goes well when the time comes.

Talking about my niece Amber, she is due to have a baby GIRL (I hope they got it right this time) after 6 boys...not counting the twin boys she lost...any day now. I hope that all goes well with her labor and delivery AND that it really is a girl this time...all though she has some mighty handsome boys.

And Julie...she had her mediation today and all went well. She sounded so relieved to have this part behind her. She says it is about 6 weeks before the judge signs the papers and it is legal. She was worried about having Daniel watch the kiddos but all went well...they had to tell her all about going to the bounce house when she returned home.

Michael went to school today and then out with the missionaries tonight. AND he has been going to family home evening with the singles...WOOHOO!! I am so glad that he is doing something besides staying home all the time.

AND did I tell you that I am leaving on a jet plane early tomorrow morning? ... VERY excited.


Hillori said...

Amber is at the hospital right now, hopefully having the baby soon. I think that she has been there since 4 this morning...can't wait to see this little girl! I hope that all goes well for her, she's got be be exhausted by now!

I had a VBAC with Ashton, and I was terrified to do that after the horrific labor and then C-section with Christian. But for me, it was actually a "healing" experience. My labor was very long, and epidurals don't "take" on me, but to be able to have a VBAC was a very satisfying experience after it was all said and done. And the recovery was much better than my Csections too. And I know that malpractice insurance now won't let doctors induce you after a Csection, but mine did with me before they made that rule, and there were no problems. I do know though, that after two sections, always a section, as the risk is too great for rupture with a vbac after 2 Csections.

Frisbies Forever said...

I was told over and over (10 times) I was having a girl. My son was born and it was an easy adjustment. He was in my arms, that was all that mattered. May not have been if I found out midway before birth. I was glad I packed 2 outfits just in case!