Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Yesterday I went shopping for the month of November after making out a meal calendar. I went to Walmart and Kroger (as well as Borders and Barnes and Noble for Michael but that doesn't count). At Walmart I spent $93.29 but that is including fabric and buttons and screws and spackling and pet fresh carpet deodorizer ($15.82 including tax). I didn't buy a turkey because we are going out of town for Thanksgiving but I did buy the ingredients for making pies. I did buy an eye of round roast and 4 pounds of ground beef...the rest of the meat for my meals I already had in my freezer. So for food I spent $77.47 for the entire month. I will only have to get bread and milk weekly now. My trip to Kroger was mainly one to get the sales. It was buy 10 items and get $5.00 off (which is running again this week). I was going to buy the chicken but forgot...duh!! I used 4 coupons for 4 of the 10 items plus I bought 2 Hungry Man TV dinners for Michael since Wayne and I will be gone this weekend. I spent $11.55 and saved $16.57 with my card and coupons!! I am proud of myself and thought I did good spending less that $100 for the groceries for the month. I might have to spend $40 or so more to get bread and milk but I think that is doing well for a family of 3...all adults.

As for our trip this weekend...we are going to Maryland!! I am excited. I have heard that the trees are still beautiful colors...I hope so. We are actually going out for a job interview and if we like it then we will be moving there next summer. Exciting things happening in the lives of the Burke family!!

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Way to go! Sounds great!!!