Friday, February 5, 2010

Jennica's quilt

Jennica turned 3 last month and Julie just got her a twin size mattress so that she can move to a big girl's bed. So I guess it is time to finish her quilt. I had bought the stuff in December (that I didn't already have) so it was just a matter of cutting and sewing. Here is my progress so far: 
Here is my stack of is actually higher than this because the top piece is black with smiley faces. I don't use every design for every quilt but some of them I have used for all of them so far.

Here they are cut into 2X2" squares and ready to lay out. I use approximately 3 of each design. There are 120 squares in each block.

Here is one of my blocks put far I  have 4 done and I need 12 for a twin size quilt. Below are pictures of my other quilt blocks.

Here they are all laid out on the floor.(at least the 4 that I have done...1/3 of the way there!!)

The pink fabric is for the "grid" pattern or in between the blocks. The black fabric with the bright colored flowers is going to be the outside border.

Here is the pink fleece backing and the white under that is the batting. I will add more pictures as I go. I better get busy (or go to the sales).


Lois Brown said...

aweseom! Love the quilt, you are such a great grandma....i hope that I will do some of these very cool traditions when I'm finally a grandma! thanks for sharing!

Tammy said...

Wow, that is an amazing quilt. There is something so very special about a handmade quilt...I think you can feel the love put into it! You are a woman of many talents. I didn't know you made nursing covers too, wow!

Kristy said...

Gorgeous! When you're done with these for the grandchildren, do you think you might sell them on Etsy? (Hint, hint!)