Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow of the century

We live in the DFW area and yesterday we got the snow of the century...a new all time record for Dallas. Here is my time line of photos of the snow:
8:37 am...I woke up to this.
 8:38 am...snowing huge flakes.
8: 47 am...not letting up.

1:34 pm...I took this photo out my sewing room window to show the snow on the bush.
1:35 pm...I had to step out the front door. Looking slightly right.

1:36 pm...looking slightly left. I was amazed at all the snow by this point.
1:37 pm...back to the back yard to take another one to compare. 
AND you can tell it is still snowing.
3:33 pm...still snowing. Compare this one with the 8:38 one...same view...more snow on shed roof.
5:59 pm...decided to shovel because it was going to be dark soon.
5:59 pm...snow is covering my shoveling.
5:59 pm...and the pathway to the front door.
February 12-12:13 am...still snowing.
12:14 am...pretty good for night pictures with no flash. The snow made it SO bright last night.

3:19 pm...after shoveling again.
3:20 pm...let the melting begin!!

Last night I stuck our ruler into the snow on top of our garbage bin by the back door and it was 8 inches. They said this morning that we ended up getting 12.5 inches at DFW airport and the entire metroplex had 9-14 inches. Plus the snow was HEAVY and WET...perfect snowman /  snow fort building snow.

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peejay said...

of course i remember going out with you! your family took such good care of us, i could never forget.

and my mother will forever be grateful for the phone calls and the pictures that you made for her.

it's sometimes hard as a missionary, because we never get to express our deepest gratitude, but we carry around so much appreciation for the members that we serve with. i loved that area so much! i think of everyone there often.

i'm so glad you're blog stalking me!!! please ay hello to your family, and to...well, EVERYONE in the ward! i love them to pieces.