Thursday, July 22, 2010


Our move got pushed back one day. I guess the good thing is we get to sleep in our own bed for one more night :-). I've gotten most everything done that is pressing before we move...hence the trip to OKC yesterday. Nothing better than meeting up at the temple and then taking the grand kids to play at McDonald's while mommy and daddy attend a session together. Elisabeth decided she wanted a photo of her on her baptism invitations so we took lots of photos. They all turned out nicely (must have been the beautiful temple grounds and granddaughter!!). Then Ty downloaded them onto his computer so she can decide which one to use.

We are going to spend the month of August in Maryland. Then Wayne has to come back to Texas to finish up working until late October. Then in November we should be permanently in MD.

Michael is all set to go to SVU and I think we are all excited about that. Not much else is new. Just doing tons of stuff associated with moving.

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