Friday, August 27, 2010


We are in our new home!!

Our household goods got delivered Tuesday. They got here at about 11am and finished around 5pm so didn't have much of a chance to unpack on Tuesday.

We took Michael to Southern Virginia University on Wednesday morning. We got him all settled in his dorm, went out to eat at Applebee's, and then spent the night in Lexington VA at a hotel.

Thursday morning we made a run to Walmart to pick up things that he would need for staying there (he has his computer so doesn't need much else) then we left to drive back home. When we arrived home we had to mow the grass as it was knee deep...decided the battery operated weed eater isn't going to cut it at all. I also decided that we need a blower. Our lot is about a quarter of a mile but we have a walk out basement so there is quite a slant on the sides. It appears to be about twice as big as our lot was in Texas...bummer...kinda.

Today I have been unpacking all day. I finally finished up the last kitchen box but am still washing dishes. We really need to find our Makita cordless drill so that we can put together our waterbeds but we can't find it anywhere. We are hoping that the movers didn't steal it. I also have not found my sewing machine yet but we haven't gotten to the bottom of every box so we are hopeful that we can find those items. I will post photos soon.


Hillori said...

a quarter of a mile lot? That is H.U.G.E. Do you mean a quarter of an acre?

Lois Brown said...

Yay for unpacking!!!! Gooooo!

Kim said...

YES...I mean quarter of an acre...don't know where mile came I found my sewing machine but we finally used an old corded drill and put together our waterbed. Yeah for sleeping in my own bed tonight!!