Sunday, November 7, 2010


I am in Arkansas and have been since I posted that I was leaving. I miss Maryland...mostly because Wayne is there but also because I missed the color of fall and was really looking forward to it. I am going to try to make it home for Thanksgiving...especially since we have company coming.

I got a new calling in church right before I left and feel guilty that I am not there to do it. I might not have it when I return...if I were Primary president I wouldn't want a teacher that was out of town for an extended period of time.

There is a lot going on in my life, but nothing that I am really at liberty to post on a public blog. I can, however, field phone calls or emails.

I remembered my camera but forgot my charger so when we went to Roaring River state park (in MO) a couple weeks back I couldn't even take pictures. My mother-in-law has a film camera that we took. We need to take the rest of the pictures so we can get the film developed. Besides the trip to Roaring River we also took a trip to St. Louis to see an oncologist there. He did not have any new or better treatment than can be gotten here in Arkansas so that was kind of a bummer for us.

So I haven't done a whole lot here but hopefully they think I have helped.

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Lois Brown said...

Hope all is going well!