Sunday, January 30, 2011


So...this afternoon we went to church as usual. Everything started fine but halfway through the Sacrament hymn the fire alarm started ringing. We sat in the chapel on the opposite side of our car and we had to exit to the nearest door so we stood out in the cold waiting for the all clear from the fire department. It seemed they took a long time to get there but it was probably only 5-10 minutes. Luckily we had our coats but there was a brisk north breeze so it was still rather chilly. We were sure wishing we had the 73 degrees from yesterday!! So after standing outside for about 15 minutes I thought it was too cold for my 84 year old mother-in-law so we went inside to stand between the doors. We finally were able to go back in about 1:40pm (1pm church here) but then were immediately told the all clear had not sounded and to head back out. This time we decided to just go home as this was just too much for my MIL but on the way out the door on the side of the chapel where our car was we got the official all clear. So we went back inside, sat down, and they resumed the meeting about 1:45. We started the hymn again, had the sacrament, and then a member of the stake presidency spoke after which the three speakers bore their testimonies instead of giving their talks. It turned out to be a very good meeting and am glad we stuck it out. ended up being an electrical problem that set off the sensor. There was no fire.

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