Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Carpet

Ma Burke has been wanting to get new carpet for her back porch for a LONG time. She lives on Social Security and a small retirement from John Deere so has to save up a long time to be able to make large purchases. She had saved up for three years so that she could
  1. refinish her kitchen cupboards
  2. put on new countertops
  3. put new carpet in her kitchen and laundry room
  4. put new carpet on her back porch
Well, about a month ago her air conditioner quit working. As luck would have it, Steve and Sandi were visiting so Steve took over and knew what to do. But she had to pay for the new A/C out of her own pocket which was most of the money she had saved up for the above list. It looks like she will be reimbursed...eventually...hopefully but she had just enough left to get the back porch changed. She also wanted to do it before it got too cold. So off we went to Lowe’s to look at new carpet. But they would not install it on the back porch because it wasn't enclosed. They gave us the name of a man who would come and do it but his quote was pretty pricey. So I went back to Lowe's and ran into an employee who said her husband and brother could do it for less than that pricey guy so we had them come out and give us a quote. But in the meantime I had went over to Home Depot to check out their carpet there and get an estimate. Well, that seemed to be the way to go so we had them come out to measure the porch ($35 nonrefundable unless you buy their carpet) but that quote was almost twice as much as the guy who we thought was too expensive. So we went with the employee's husband and brother. They came out a week ago to remove the old carpet and then hauled it away. The next day it rained so the plan was to have them come over 2 days later. But the adhesive said it had to be over 50 degrees for 48 hours before, during, and after application and it was in the 40's at night so we had to have them wait longer. We yesterday it had finally been warm long enough for them to lay the carpet. It looks SO nice and she is SO happy that it is done. Here are some photos of the finished porch:

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