Saturday, September 24, 2011

September happenings

As I mentioned in the last post, I flew out to Arkansas the beginning of September. I flew from Baltimore to Branson. The flight was uneventful. I had my camera in my carry on baggage and this was the first time I had ever taken photos while flying.
It was very cloudy as we took off but gradually cleared. It was fun taking photos.

This is Table Rock Lake. My family has spent many a vacation there. It looks different from the air. It is a VERY big lake.

But before I left I bought some artificial flowers and hung them on the front porch of my home. I hope they are still there when I return :)

The Branson Airport is kinda cool. This was the second time I have flown in and out of it. The first time my camera's batteries had died so I took pictures with my cell phone. This time I decided to take photos with my camera in case I didn't fly out of there. Here are a few photos:

That last photo is the baggage claim area but I wanted to include it because all the chairs were either like those or else there were benches.
While here in Arkansas, Dave and Karen visited. Karen wanted to go out to the cemetery that my father-in-law is buried at. It had been raining but mostly stopped while we were there. On the way we stopped at Hobby Lobby to  purchase some flowers.

Before I left home I made a cake for a colleague of Wayne's. He was touched by it. Here is the cake:
I fly home a week from today. I am anxious but I will probably be back before too long. Rusty's tumors in his liver and lung are inactive so he can have surgery and chemo on his tumor in his abdomen if he wants to. When he decides to go ahead and do that I will return.

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