Monday, January 19, 2009

My new eyes

Megan asked how my new eyes were doing after my surgery. In a word they are great. I can see SOOO much better and I don't know what I was ever afraid of. I had Michael take a couple pictures tonight. He has real shaky hands so most were blurry or I looked really bad in them but this was one that was "OK". 

Anyway...I go back to the ophthalmologist on Wednesday for another re-check. I am still on 2 eye medications; I ran out of one. I figure on Wednesday that they will check my vision, pressure, etc. tell me to taper off the prednisone drops, give me a script so I can go get new progressives if I want to, and tell me to come back in a couple months. The surgery has improved my near vision too. I won't need nearly as strong of glasses that I used to have. I could always see far away so my new eyes aren't that much different than my after 40 eyes but it is nice to have NO CATARACTS.


Lois Brown said...

Yay! congratulations!

scraps said...

I am happy for you.