Monday, January 19, 2009


Here are some of the purses we make: 

This first photo are some that I made for the business. They are called "diamond". The one on the left has what is called a frame and the one on the right has what is called ribbon around the pictures. They are both the same pattern...just made a little different.

This is another one that I made for the business. It is also a "diamond" which is a little smaller than an amethyst (pictured later) but the same style. I chose to put this one on because it has fringe around the top which is actually quite popular.
I made this purse for my daughter Diane. It has her 3 daughters on it and I took the photo. It is a "sapphire" which is actually a diaper bag because it has an extra pocket across the back and 3 extra pockets inside (although hers only has 3 instead of 6 as you can tell from the photo of the inside of it). Sorry it doesn't show the whole thing but the others weren't as good of photos as this one. Aren't the girls cuties???

This purse was made for Mindy. She has "Ovation Photography" up in Iowa and is also  my niece. It has a picture of my neice Aimee and her daughter Mikaela on it. It is called an "amethyst" and is one of the largest purses we make. It has a frame around the picture. 

This is another of the purses I made for Mindy's sample pack. It is a "small topaz". The finished size is 7x9x4 with 17" narrow straps. It is the smallest purse we make.

This is my purse. It is a "small topaz" but with extra outside pockets and a thin long strap. The size is 8x10x4 finished (I cut it out a little different than most small topaz's...which I can do since I do the sewing). It should actually be a "small ruby" because it has outside pockets but we don't make them so it would be considered a topaz with extra pockets. It has a digital picture of our dog "Buzz" on it. This was taken when it was new. I have now used it daily for over a year and it still looks exactly the same.
This next picture is the inside of my purse. It has pockets only along the rear edge but also has a key holder. 

This is Wilodene's purse. It has her 3 daughters on it and was made from a snapshot that Kathleen scanned and then printed out. The style is "Medium Ruby". I cut it out to 12X10X5 so it makes a 11X9X4 purse. I cut out 28" handles so they are 27" when finished. I think just perfect for going over the shoulder. It has 6 pockets on the inside and a pocket across the back as well as the ones on each end.

We have two more purses that I don't have pictures of (I'll have to take one next time I make them). One is called a "large topaz" and is the same style as the small and medium. The size of it is 9x14x4 finished. It also has the wider 28" straps. We also make a "large ruby" which is the same size and style as the just has extra outside and inside pockets and is considered a diaper bag. For more info look at my side bar and it is the Hannah E Designs website link.


Lois Brown said...

Wow, they look like a lot of work! But very nice...I'll have to think if I need one or if my mother-in-law needs one for a gift...hmmmmm!

scraps said...

Love the purses! You're so talented.