Friday, December 17, 2010

Patuxent River Naval Air Museum

This is a museum right off base and it is free!! I only took photos of the airplanes outside but there is also a lot to see in the building. I liked the replicas of the Carriers that were built to scale. The jets aboard them looked so tiny. It kind of puts it all in perspective. So, Wayne works on the Joint Strike Fighter (F-35). There are different types and he works on the C or carrier version. In the display of jets there were the Boeing and Lockheed Martin jets and LM won the contract so that is who is building the jets for our country's military. Wayne used to be in the Air Force for the first 10 years of our marriage. Being here definitely reminds me of the good old days :)

But seriously, I love hearing the jets fly around here. Plus it means that his job is secure. are the photos:
The first thing you see when you walk in is this lighthouse. It is pretty cool but the ones that are actually on the water are better. The story is that this part was removed from the abandoned lighthouse. It says on the plaque that it is circa 1896.
The one on the left is the Boeing version of the JSF. I didn't take close ups of the signs to tell what each individual plane is so you'll just have to guess like me.

The one above and below are actually the Lockheed Martin X-35C which is the plane Wayne works on.

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