Thursday, December 16, 2010

WARNING...Michael downloaded my pics!!

So...I was flipping through my photos on my camera which I thought were stuck there because I had left my cord in Arkansas when Michael said "here let me look at that". He then proceeded to remove my SD card (or whatever that card is that holds all the photos), shove it into our MythTV computer, and copy them onto my computer. Talk about EXCITED!!! LOL!! So I will make a few posts on our happenings since I have been home.

When I returned home Don, Donna, Aaron, and Natalie were here visiting. We did a lot of sight seeing and playing Pepper. Here are some of the sights we saw:

Calvert Marine Museum. Across the bridge in Calvert County. We showed up and it was only half an hour to close so we decided it wasn't worth the entrance fee but we got a few shots of the Drum Point is one:
Here is the bridge:
It doesn't look that impressive from here but let me tell is a long, narrow, and tall bridge.
Above are some birds that we saw out on a pier. We (Don and I) got fairly close but I still zoomed in to get this photo.

These next two are the restaurant we ate at that evening. It has VERY good food and best of all there are non-seafood choices for my men :)
By the time we got out of the restaurant it was dark. Michael and I played around with my camera trying to get some shots in the dark but failed miserably. Hopefully with time I can master night shots. This next photo I shot when I shot the ones above. Wayne is always talking about this house / mansion across the water on the St Mary's side and this is it zoomed in. At night it is lit up but my attempts at that failed as referred to above.
Another day we took a trip to St Mary's City and the POW/MIA confederate cemetery. Here are a few photos from that trip:
 Above is a ship on display in Historic St. Mary's City. It was closed the day we were there so we couldn't go aboard although that would have been cool.

These next few are of the Confederate Cemetery. We have been there three times and I swear, each time we go there it has changed. Last time we were here they had scaffolding up and were working on it. I was very glad to see the work was completed.
 It took a few shots to get the POW/MIA flag in the correct position. There was just a gentle breeze the day we were here.
 If you click on the photo below you can view it real size and read about the "bean pot". You can barely see the bean pot behind the gate and inside the little building. It is said that this was what they used to feed the prisoners.
 For all my Texas is OUR flag. Even though I am not in Texas any more I still feel apart of it and it will always hold a very special place in my heart. I love my friends there.
These next couple photos are of chapels in the area. We wanted to go take photos of more but only got to a few. There are some very historic churches in this part of the country...some dating back to the 1700's.
 The chapel above is on Solomon's Island and the one below is in St Mary's City.
Here is our Thanksgiving Dinner, all ready to serve:
It was very yummy :)

Here are a couple photos of my family room decorated for Christmas:
 We have a gas fireplace which I love, Love, LOVE.
And finally for this post's ending; today it snowed. Here is a photo I took just after it quit snowing.
I have two more posts to make so stay tuned. One is of the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum. I got a lot of photos of jets, helicopters, etc. The other is of Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Museum. It was awesome but I really need to figure out how to condense my photos on my new Linux Mint computer so that I can upload them more quickly. Full size (about 4mb) takes FOREVER!! :D