Saturday, March 27, 2010

Funny missionary story (as told by Michael)

To set he mood here is a photo that Michael came home with from his mission (he is fourth from left).

So, Michael goes out with the missionaries a lot. They called last night and asked him to drive them around. He hates to do that last minute but they talked him into it. They were on splits and he was dropping them off at their apartment after getting the companionship back together. There are a set of sister missionaries that live in the same apartment complex and they always drop off the extra food they get with the Elders. So they left the food on the missionaries step but didn't see that the Elders were there. For fun the Elders (unseen by the sisters) took the food, raced the long way around the apartment, and left it on the sisters doorstep. Then they ran back to hide but they could still see the sisters reaction. Well, the sisters just looked around and said something like that is strange, picked up the food, and took it into their apartment. As soon as they shut the door the missionaries ran up to the door and yelled and pounded on it. The sister missionaries were so scared that they screamed bloody murder and the Elders just laughed at them. So the sisters gave the food back to them and the Elders left to go to their own apartment. CRAZY ELDERS!!! baby yet :(  Her last due date is tomorrow and I'm sure she is past ready but she wants to do a V-back so they are waiting for her to go into labor on her own.

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