Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Funny story...or embarrassing...take your pick

So...I haven't posted in awhile. I am working on Caleb's quilt BUT today I am sticking close to the computer because my niece is birthing today. It is fun to read her  husband's updates on Facebook. Anyway...I had what I would call an embarrassing experience at Wal-Mart the other day. I had been shopping in the fabric department (YEAH...mine still has one!!) and saw a sister from my ward there. Then in the bread aisle I ran into my next door neighbor (and got to tickle her 11 month old baby boy). So after that I was walking to the produce and came up behind a lady who looked just like another neighbor...from behind. So without even checking to make sure it was really her, I walked up and said something like Boy, I keep running into everyone I know at Wal-Mart today. Then I walked past her and started looking at the bananas. Pretty soon she says Do I know you? to which I say I don't think so after which I took my bananas and left. I should have probably said something like O I thought you were someone else instead of NOTHING!!! Anyway that is my embarrassing / funny story for the week.


Hillori said...

Tee-hee! Fortunately, most people understand,it has probably happened to most of us!

Lois Brown said...

Funny! It keeps us humble to have things like this happen every so often! lol!

Michelle said...

I was in the grocery store one day and apparently I was walking much faster than Dannielle and Josie who were pushing the cart, while I kept up a steady stream of chatter and started to put the groceries in my hand in some complete strangers cart while trying to pull her cart down the next aisle and she spoke up and asked me what I was doing, well it shocked me, but even better I looked back and there was Dannielle and Josie watching the whole event and looking at me like I was crazy. Thanks Girls!