Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2 week check

I had my 2 week check-up today and she says that I am healing well AND I feel pretty good...much better than a week ago. The best news is that I can start walking again!! I am really excited about that although I bet that I won't be able to do the 3.2 miles that I was pre-surgery BUT I can work up to that. I probably have 2 more weeks until I am back to normal and another month until my 6 week check.

In other news...Michael and I have been shopping for wedding stuff. Shanae and Daniel want a cherry blossom theme but she really wanted calla lilies for her bouquet and the corsages and boutonnieres. At Michael's last week we saw the perfect flower arrangement for the guest book table:

Even though the lilies and cherry blossoms look yellow...they are white. There are also pink cherry blossoms and fuchsia tulips. This was an arrangement that they had made for another customer but I have bought nearly all the flowers needed to recreate our own. After my appointment today, I went to Joann and picked up fabric for dresses for my granddaughters (well Jennica already has a dress so it is for Diane's girls). I can't wait to begin sewing them but I also know that I have to take care of myself first.

I am just glad that I am on the mend. It is funny because Wayne has never been one to check on me but lately he has been calling just to make sure "I am still alive".

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Frisbies Forever said...

So sweet! You are going to do a great job! It will be beautiful! Just keep pacing yourself. :)