Saturday, May 8, 2010

Funny Story? we had our first showing on the house. It was supposed to be between 12 and 2pm. We had the house ready by 10:30 (k...well I didn't do much...the guys had the  house ready) and Wayne was ready to leave and we were like "why do you want to leave now? The earliest anyone would be here is like an hour and a half" and he was thinking it was an hour later than it was. So we left about an hour and 15 min later and headed to a gas station because the car needed gas. We got to the Albertson's gas station and it was packed so we decided to go on. We got to 35W and I was like "where are we going?" and he was taking us out to eat at Mancuso's down by Lockheed Martin. But 35W was at a standstill so we decided to go a different way to avoid it. I don't know the roads at all but we had the GPS so we went for it. Well...the traffic was just as bad on the tiny 2 lane road we decided to go on...and rough...not a good combo for someone less than a week out of major surgery in my opinion. So we found a gas station and filled up and I went in to use the bathroom (all the jiggling) but of course the women's was closed. So we drove up to Mancuso's and it was closed (didn't open until 4pm on Saturday's) and I was like "is there another place down here we can go to?" He said yes and took us to a BBQ place which had really good food (at least the turkey and potato salad and rolls were good). So they made me go sit down and they got the food (it was cafeteria style I guess). Then I finally went to the bathroom and ate. After I was through I took some of my heavy duty pain meds for the drive home (the car ride was much worse than I expected it to be). So we were able to go the interstate back home and arrived there about 1:40pm. I figured that they had looked and left but Wayne kept a look out by the front window just in case and about 10 min later he yelled that they were there...YIKES!! So we snuck out the back and hid by the gate until we thought they had come into the house. Then we walked over to the neighbors driveway, down it, and across the street because they said we could go in there if we needed to. BUT they weren't here we were hiding out on the neighbor's porch while the people looked at the house. At least I could sit down and then they left our house (after maybe 5 minutes...I guess that is a NO) and our neighbors got home all at the same time. So I went home and laid down in bed ALL afternoon to rest up from my excursion.


Gwen Ashby said...

That's worse than the day I had! You better take it easy.

Lois Brown said...

Too funny, but how horrible! Sorry baby!