Monday, December 22, 2008

Almost here

Diane and family are on their way; they are probably somewhere south of OKC :)

I let my stake borrow my Christmas tree for the nativity and I wasn't home to pick it up. I have asked around for anyone who might know of its whereabouts and so far no luck in locating it. I think that they must have thought that it was going to be donated and put it in the storage. I haven't seen where the trees are stored at but I hear it is in a classroom at a building in Colleyville and that it is stuffed full. So it looks like we are not going to have a tree this year :( 
I think that this will be a first. I asked Wayne about picking up a live tree but he is so allergic to trees that he didn't like that idea...oh well.

Julie, Caleb, and Jennica will be here on Friday :) YEAH...everyone will be home for the holidays!!


Kiera said...

That is sad about your tree. How exciting everyone will be home for Christmas!

Lois Brown said...

Yeah! By the time I've written this your kids are probably there! I'm so happy for you! So sorry about the tree...that is terrible that no one knows where it is or sounds like they won't even help you locate it! It's being together that makes Christmas not the hang in there and I hope it is wonderful!

Frisbies Forever said...

If it makes you feel better,my kids lost part of my Christmas tree this year,in my house!!! I still haven't figured it out. Somethings are just better left alone. I hope you find yours!!