Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another thought

I was reading some up on facebook and was enlightened to another way that gay marriage would have an effect. If gay marriage becomes legal then if a gay couple comes up to a minister or pastor or rabbi or even bishop asking to be married then they HAVE to perform it or they would be breaking the law. Just another thought about the gay marriage proposal. Now...enough of that.

This evening we had the missionaries over for dinner. One was from Orem, UT and the other one was from Las Vegas, NV. They were both really nice. Interestingly enough the one from LV is a convert to the church and his parents are not members yet. I think that would be really hard to go on a mission and leave your family for 2 years...well it is hard enough anyway...both as a parent and a missionary...but to know that your parents don't really understand and accept what you are doing would be even more difficult. I know how blessed missionaries and their families are though and I hope that they can see it. It was nice having a "good" meal and visiting with them was very cool. Then Michael went with them to an investigator's home and now he is back home. I like to get their phone numbers and give their mom a call to let them know that they look well and are doing great but for some reason I forgot to get their phone numbers. I really liked it when someone would contact me when Michael was out there.

Also this past week I went over to help a sister in our ward who is moving. It was good to be of service and help her out. It is such a good feeling when you are able to do that.

I thought that I might add a picture of some of the purses that I sew. The first one is the one I made for Diane. The second one is my purse. 


I think that this helps with knowing the styles of purses I sew. Diane's is a "Diamond" and mine is a "Topaz". All of our purses are one of these styles (although Kathleen is thinking up new ones at the moment). Please refer to the link to hannahedesigns for more info.

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