Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Daniel's 21st Birthday


I can't believe my "baby" is 21 today. We got him a new headset for his birthday. He is wearing it in these pictures. And this is pretty much how he is all the front of his computer. But he didn't object when I started snapping photos. Right now he has went to sleep. He works nights at Wal-Mart and even though he has today off still sleeps during the day and is awake at night. Maybe he will get up so we can eat birthday cake later...I got him a DQ ice cream cake...the nearest store is in Coppell which is about 15 miles away. I'll try to get some more pictures later with the cake. And a funny picture of Michael I found on his camera :)
I'm not sure why he has grown a goatee but he has. He has started wearing contact lenses and his eyes look really blue here although I always thought they were gray.


Diane said...

I can't believe Daniel is 21 either... it makes me feel OLD! And that is a funny picture of Michael... Can you mail me a piece of cake... mmm... ice cream cake.

Seth and Megan said...

mm... DQ cake is the best, what a lucky boy! Happy Birthday Daniel, fun pictures too.