Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kinda Nervous

To get my new lens tomorrow. Today I had a list of things to do to prepare for my surgery tomorrow. On my list was go to the dentist which I completely spaced. I was thinking about changing dentists anyway...I guess now is a good time. I went to my local pharmacy to fill the prescription for the eye drops (I need to put a drop in tonight before bed). The first one I went to said that they had sold their last bottle 10 minutes before I problem...I had running around to do anyway. I am supposed to wear a button down short sleeved shirt tomorrow for the surgery. I am a T-Shirt gal. I did not own one button down shirt. So Michael said he would stop by the Goodwill store in Denton to get me one. He went in there but had no clue what to get. No problem...I can go and pick one up myself. The local second hand store in Keller is called "Bearly Used". It opened at 10am...I got there at 9:50. So far I am 0/2 for my errands. OK...I will go down to Kroger and pick up my Rx there. They were out as well. Now I am thinking "is this a sign???" Not to be outdone I stopped back by the second hand store. I am looking through all the shirts. I finally had to settle for a 2X size...that was the closest to my size. So what if I swim in it...I'm only wearing it to surgery in the morning...I hope it doesn't fall off. Now on to get the prescription. Next closest pharmacy is in Albertsons a couple miles down the road. They actually had it!!! But it was $50...they must use the newest, most expensive drops out there. Our insurance is a 3 tier plan for prescriptions...I have to pay the highest amount possible of course. The rest of the day has gone OK. It is about time to hit the hay (or water as the case may be) as I have to be there at 6:05am. Nighty-night.


Seth and Megan said...

I would be nervous too! Good luck tomorrow, what an adventure today with the errands... I hope it all goes smooth tomorrow, we'll be thinking about you.

scraps said...

will be praying for you, Kim.