Thursday, October 9, 2008

Vote Yes to Prop 8

For more information I will refer you to Seth and Megan's blog which is listed under my blog list. Also my daughter sent me a link to a video which is about a family in Massachusetts (where gay marriage is legal) and their account of a kindergartener coming home with a diversity book bag and what happened when they tried to get parental notification when this subject was taught in is very eye opening. Here is the link: 

If this doesn't pass in California (keeping marriage the way it is now...between a man and a woman) then it is just a matter of time until it is all over the United matter where we live. If you know anyone in California make sure to let them know what the church says about this (since when does the church become involved in politics anyway???) That to me is just a clue to how dangerous this situation is turning out to be. If you believe like I do, we don't want our children and grandchildren taught in school that gay marriage is normal and accepted. PLEASE get involved in the effort to say yes to Prop 8.

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Seth and Megan said...

I am interested in watching that video clip! I can't here at work, not the right program - but I'll check it out. It really is interesting how the church has become involved in this whole crazy thing! I pray all of our efforts as members who don't live in California will be heard and we can stop this from happening!