Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It has been a really good last couple of weeks. The weekend before Christmas we (Michael and I) went to Kansas and it was good to see everyone there. Then we came home, were here for a day, then Wayne, Linda, and I headed to Arkansas to spend Christmas with "Ma Burke". Wayne has 7 siblings. One brother lives with her and the others are spread throughout the country. We are the closest and it takes us 6 hours to drive there. Another brother from Iowa came down with his family so 4 of her 8 kids were there. We had a lot of fun. There were kids which always makes Christmas fun. I actually got a lot more for Christmas this year than I normally do. My favorite gift was a 10.1 megapixel camera that Wayne got for me. Today he ordered memory for it so right now it can only take 2 pictures with the internal memory and then it is full. Here are a couple samplings:

First a picture of the dance pad as it looks today. Second is a picture of our "Myth Box". This is a computer that runs our TV sort of like a DVR does. It is Linux and is very nice. This is the newest case (we have had several) and is made out of redwood.

I have a few pictures of Arkansas but they are on the laptop and I need to transfer them over to mine so they will have to wait until another day.

The next thing that happened was my birthday. I got a "K" pin and a new sewing machine...a serger!!! Now I just have to find time to learn how to use it.

We are trying to get the house ready to sell. Last night we emptied out the storage room (aka 4th bedroom) so that we could paint it. Wayne and I painted it this afternoon and it looks so much better. We still have 6 months before we move but are trying to get things ready. That's all for now...I'm heading to bed soon.


Lois Brown said...

a jealous! Have fun with it! Glad your Christmas was great!

Kristy said...

Wow! You have some serious technology gifts in your house. I think you could sell those industrial-type dance pads for sure. :)