Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Nativity Continued

The nativity was held in Colleyville Texas in our Stake Center. Volunteers start on Monday to set it up and finish late Thursday night. It goes from Friday morning until Sunday evening. This year there were over 900 nativity sets and over 700 poinsettia plants. Michael and I took 145 photos before the camera's battery gave up. But we got most of it.

This next room is called the White Room. If I could pick a favorite this would be it although every room was excellent.

The large pieces in the photo above are made of stone. They are peeling as they are set outside by the owners every year. I thought the beads on the tables really set them off.

The one above was at the head of the room. Most of the colors in here were gold and white.

The next room we will visit is the Children's Room. It was set up as a classroom with a teacher's desk (it was antique) and student desks. It had posters up on the walls. I thought the person who decorated it was very creative. This first picture was on the wall outside the classroom.

It is difficult to see in the above photos but even the cubbyhole's had nativity sets in them. I really liked the colors in the table below. There were a lot of Precious Moments nativity sets in this room.

Got to go get ready for church. Cultural Hall to come.

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