Saturday, December 5, 2009


The nativity this year was very beautiful. Michael, Linda, and I went tonight and here are a few pictures that we took.

The first room we visited was the Craft room. 
This first one is made out of gingerbread and jolly ranchers and the next few are just various other ones in that same room. 

The next room we visited was the International Room. It had nativities from all around the world.

The reddish colored nativity above is from Chile. The bottom one on the left on the picture below is from the Dominican Republic.

The display above was carved from nuts.
In the photo below, the top nativity was hand made in Nigeria and the bottom one is from China and made from bamboo.

The one below is made from olive wood and is from Bethlehem.

I really like the one above although it didn't say where it was from or what it was made of. In the photo below the nativity in the upper right corner if from Madagascar and was hand carved by a street vendor. I liked the sets that were from the darker wood but Michael liked the ones from the lighter wood.

The one with the flower on top is from Peru and is a hand carved gourd. The hand painted figures were obtained while the owner was on mission.

In the photo above the one on the left is from Equador and the one on the right is from Costa Rica.
The one on the right is from Italy.

I thought the ones from Germany with the windmills on top were very cool. 

The blue nativity is from Mexico and made from clay. The one next to it at the back middle is from Guatemala. The one above is from Germany. Interesting how it differs from the ones with the windmills.
In the above photo the one on the triangular piece of slate is from Santiago Chile. It says they are in their native dress. The one above that is from Mexico and there is one from Peru behind and in the middle.
The above photo is the last one I am going to post from the International room. There are a lot of different nativities in it so bear with me...the big one at the top is from Germany. It was interesting because it had labels on it with names (that I can't remember). Then the labels from left to right are: Chile, Russia, Russian Stacking Dolls, France, Germany, Germany, and a felt one that I can't remember where it is from and I can't read it. The last room that I am putting on tonight is the ornament room. Unfortunately most of the photos were blurry. It was a dark room and the only ones that turned out were the ones Michael took after changing settings on his camera.
These ones are really very unusual. There were some huge ones with the figures riding camels with real camel hair on them that I didn't get good pictures of but these two that we did get were very good.

More to come tomorrow. These are only about one fourth of the photos I would like to share (we took 146).

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