Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Quilts

Here are a few pictures of the quilts that I worked on for Christmas.

Elisabeth's quilt folded in fourths.

Elisabeth's quilt laid out. It has a green fleece back.

Ashley's quilt folded in fourths.

Ashley's quilt laid out. It has a  yellow fleece back.

Callie's quilt folded in fourths.

Callie's quilt laid out. It has a lavender fleece back.
Just so you know...the tiny squares are 2X2" and are individually sewn together making them 1 1/2 inch square when finished. The blocks are 10X12 squares and there are 12 blocks...3X4. These ended up being twin size and the girls really loved them. They looked so nice on their beds. I was glad that Diane let them open them up before Christmas so that I could see how they looked.

We are going to Arkansas in the morning for Christmas...EXCITED.

Also, a very best friend of both of my daughters was held at knife point and robbed on Saturday and then he slashed a tire on her car and got away on foot. This afternoon he was waiting for her in the stairwell of her apartment complex and stabbed and kicked her in the lower abdomen. PLEASE keep Stephanie in your prayers as she is in the hospital


Lois Brown said...

awesome quilts! Makes me want to start making one again!

Glenda said...

so sad about your daughters friend, hope and pray she will be alright. All the pictures of your grandchildren are beautiful!, and love the quilts!

Anonymous said...

The quilts are amazing!

I hadn't heard about Stephanie. So scary. Is she ok? Did she know the guy for him to come back and wait for her?

Krista said...

The quilts are great! I bet they do look good on the beds. You must have spent a lot of time on them.

I'll add Stephanie to my prayers. I also have the same questions Blenda did.