Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Christmas decorations

I promised more decorations from my home. Linda did the decorating this year and it is very different than I do...she is much more creative than I am.

Today I made a trip to the cannery to pick up some bulk hot cocoa mix. Linda tagged along so we also drove by the Dallas temple and went to an LDS bookstore (always a temptation to me). Then we came home and I finished up Callie's quilt. I am making quilts for my grandkids and got 3 of them done in time for Christmas gifts. I will post photos of them after they have seen them since I want the design of them to be a surprise. I also made these tonight:

Pet treats for Buzz!!! I mixed up some Chex Mix...a first for me...I hope that it turns out yummy.


Hillori said...

Which recipe do you use for doggie treats? Tell Linda hi for me too.

Kim said...

I'll email it to you.