Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nativity finale...finally!!

There will be a lot of pictures in this post. These are the highlights from the cultural hall:

the poinsettia tree looked really nice.

The one above is for you, Julie, made out of penguins!! In the one below the front middle one is made from nuts and bolts.

Notice the one above is made out of peanuts. The front one below is a cookie jar.


Interesting how it is just the busts above. The one below was in a very dark area so Michael had to work magic with his camera to get a good photo.

Above are a lot of snow globes. Below are native America. Notice the back left ones are black bears and the back right ones are Moose.

I never knew that there could be so many different types of nativities. Loved it all.

PS...the quilts are coming along...still lots to do and will probably only get 2 done but they are looking REALLY good.


Hillori said...

Thank you for sharing! I would love to go see something like that! Those were amazing...

Frisbies Forever said...

How absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Glenda said...

Wow, so many! All are beautiful, thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!